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How does Leested work?

Leested is primarily an online calendar, but our application offers much more than just appointment scheduling. Its platform helps you manage your business according to your needs.

Leested Pro: A comprehensive solution available on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Leested for clients: A convenient and intuitive application where new clients can discover your services, and where all of your clients, new or existing, can book appointments directly from their phones 24/7.

Calendar and appointments

Should I confirm the reservations made by clients?

No, reservations made by clients are automatically confirmed and managed by Leested.

How can I set up free time between two appointments?

If you need to block time for a meeting, an appointment, or your lunch break, you can reserve that time in your calendar, just as you would for scheduling an appointment. When you mark a slot as blocked, your clients cannot book appointments during that time.

Do clients receive reminders from Leested for upcoming appointments?

Leested sends SMS reminders before the appointment.

Do clients have the ability to cancel or reschedule an appointment whenever they want?

Yes, clients have the flexibility to cancel or reschedule their appointments as needed. Through our Leested mobile app, they can easily cancel an existing appointment and schedule a new one at their convenience. However, it's important to note that the cancellation policy depends on the specific settings of each salon. Salons can set and adjust their own cancellation policy by accessing the salon settings from their dashboard. This way, while providing flexibility and convenience to clients, salons can also ensure that their own operational needs and preferences are taken into account.

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