A software specifically developed for professionals specialized in eye aesthetics

Leested is the most advanced application for experts in eye beauty. It allows you to manage your appointments, interact with your clients, coordinate your teams, and expand your business... all quickly and easily.



Enhance the eyes, and let Leested take care of the smiles.

We are passionate about creating a tailored customer experience. To enchant their lashes and brighten their brows, Leested contributes to the growth of your salon. Offering round-the-clock appointment management, protection against cancellations and unforeseen events, Leested is your ideal partner.


Online appointment booking from your customized Leested website or through the app available on app stores.

As a Freelancer ?

Ideal for all freelancers, Leested is the essential tool to grow your business.


Thanks to deposits, cancellation fees, and limited bank card data, problems with less than 75% of no-show appointments.

No commitment

Complete freedom with our no-commitment plan!

Salon Manager

Leested Pro, manage your salon from A to Z, from your schedule to securing your income and customizing your services.


Through our application, we send automated reminders to clients to ensure they never miss their appointments.

Unique services, specially designed for your eyes.


Create an unforgettable first impression with an unparalleled booking experience.

Is your business thriving? Congratulations to you! Behind the scenes of your salon, Leested works to enable you to take care of your clients, refine your skills, and steer you towards new inspirations.

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    24/7 bookings
  • full-stop.png
    Appointment notifications and reminders
  • full-stop.png
    Waiting list management (without appointments)
  • full-stop.png
    Additional services for your offerings
  • full-stop.png
    Customized booking website
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Empower your clientele.

Missed appointments, often stressful and problematic, also impact your earnings. Leested solves this problem by guaranteeing your payment in case of cancellation or unforeseen circumstances. On average, this feature reduces these inconveniences by 25% per month.

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    Cancellation policy
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    Automatic appointment reminders


Keep only the most precious moments of your day at the salon.

Direct your attention to what you're passionate about and entrust the administrative aspects to Leested. Our application handles all the tasks for you, allowing you to focus on your expertise: your profession. With Leested, everything is at your fingertips, from managing your client database to organizing schedules and even inventory management.

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    Staff management
  • full-stop.png
    Advanced client database
  • full-stop.png
    Team statistics
  • full-stop.png
    Inventory management

Leested integrates with and utilizes the most well-known platforms :

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